2005 is a year on the Gregorian calendar.

In January, Ted made the Cat Video and Joe was shot. In February, Tom and Vinny joined the CES crew and Ted filmed the Fordham Prep production of Oliver and edited it from multiple angles. In March, there was a Slipknot concert, planning began for Project Waffle Iron, and the club decided to spend the treasury on Twinkies at Joe's suggestion. Yu-Gi-Oh!'s popularity waned.

In May, Ted's Ya Hi happened, people started using MySpace, Nick became administrator of the club web site, and Ted created the CES web site. In June, Ted graduated and started Ted N Joe's PC Repair. Ted started building the Master EGG. Clare filmed Prince Dittonian 2. Nick and Joe created the Noey web site. Nick recreated Bongomon from memory. Ted got a job as a pizza delivery driver and crashed the car. Preproduction began for Bean of the Dead.

On July 4, they made a birthday cake. We went to Florida and got a new car. Ted started working for Sementilli. Tom got drunk for the first time and we met Phil. Ted went to Six Flags a lot. People started playing WoW a lot. In August, the most recent election in the club began. Barbecuing replaced B.S. Ted began attending NYU and met Jeremy, HoJeong, and Dave.

In November, the Nick Phillips E! True Hollywood Story took place. They wrote and filmed Free United Club of Kids.

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