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The Cracked Egg Studios Official Web Site was launched on May 29, 2005.


The original site made use of Julius Fučík's musical composition "Entrance of the Gladiators" as background music for the home page.[1] Hosted free by DomainDLX, the site's server frequently went down and its ASP pages would break. The web site moved to a shared server with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Club until it purchased the domain crackedeggstudios.com on January 14, 2006.

The site moved to a new host, Global Internet Solutions, who provided more disk space and PHP support, so Cracked Egg Studios was able to begin expanding its web presence. Cracked Egg Studios first appeared on the Google search engine at this time.

In Fall 2006, Global Internet Solutions initiated massive upgrades on the server, causing weeks of downtime and redefining previously supported features. Cracked Egg Studios transferred to HostMonster, whose support was reputedly better, offered more disk space, more features overall, and had lower rates on December 29, 2006. Despite the illegality of their actions, Global Internet Solutions refused to transfer the domain crackedeggstudios.com. For a time, the web site was only accessible through a backdoor at the Free United Club of Kids web site. When crackedeggstudios.com finally expired, Cracked Egg Studios was forced to purchase crackedeggstudios.net since the former domain would not become available again until May 2007.

The rest of this page is a directory of articles related to the web site's development.

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  1. ^Julius Fučík's "Entrance of the Gladiators."

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