HoJeong Park, born on February 25, 1987, is a citizen of South Korea and a finance major at New York University's Stern School of Business.

In Reality

HoJeong Park was born in a hospital of a Cesarian section. His name means "righteous tiger" or "upright tiger." When he was born, his father was in America at Georgia Tech getting his doctor degree and his mother was in her residency. He was mostly raised by his maternal grandmother. When he was three years old, he could already write in Korean, so his grandmother began teaching him Chinese characters. He was raised as a devout Catholic in a sexually repressed household. As of 2005, he has never been close to death.

He studied finance at New York University in the Stern School of Business for the 2005-2006 year, drinking and playing Maple Story in his spare time. At NYU, his roommate was David Collura, who would write comedic folk rock songs about him and attempt to install AOL Instant Messenger on HoJeong's computer.

After his freshman year ended, HoJeong went to Beijing where he learned Chinese for the remainder of 2006. In 2007, he underwent basic military training. Afterwards, he acted as an interpreter between the government and the U.S. military base in his hometown. He also began driving a motorcycle during this period.

He returned to New York for the fall semester in 2009. He is currently in his senior year at NYU.

HoJeong appeared in the music video Life Just Isn't the Same Without Ni-Ki-Oh! and provided his voice talent for the credits in Welcome to the World of Pokémon. He starred in the TV pilot HoJeong Gets AIM, a reality TV show about a conspiracy of college students to install AOL Instant Messenger on his computer. He was also present at EggCon 2009 as a special guest and received an award for honorary cast member in Ni-Ki-Oh!
HoJeong Park is a fictional character, loosely based on the real person, who is the protagonist of the album HOJAID/2007 and the upcoming video game, Prophecy of the Dark Mark.

HoJeong Park, born of a Cesarian section and prophesied by the Elder Scrolls, is a Korean superhero who endured a traumatic childhood and battles a cocaine addiction. His family sell themselves into slavery so that HoJeong can go to America as a finance major. His life is constantly threatened, but he always prevails, and when safe, drinks.

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