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&lt;UNTITLED&gt; was a Ni-Ki-Oh! music video set to and named after {{Type:promo}}Slipknot's song The Nameless. The video was produced in a total of four days from pre-production to completion, although some clips from earlier in the series were used to be sent as part of [[Ted Phillips|Pegasus]]'s portfolio to Tisch School of the Arts at New York University for the January 15, 2005 admission application deadline. &lt;UNTITLED&gt; was never officially released, although [[Cracked Egg Studios]] has displayed it at numerous conventions since that time.

== The Cat Video ==
Affectionately named The Cat Video by its hardcore fans, &lt;UNTITLED&gt; explores the multiple personality conflict of the evil cat [[Tommy]], his transformation from innocence to corruption, and his eternal clash with the hero [[Yami Niki|Niki]].


== Ni-Ki-Oh! Revived ==
The promotional DVD was presented on January 16, 2005 at a meeting of Ni-Ki-Oh! cast and crew to discuss the future of the series. Several months after last shoot, several cast members had expressed desires to leave the series for good. It had been almost a year since the release of the last episode, and no one had seen the fruits of their recent labors. Since before the release of [[Ni-Ki-Oh! S03E05 - Duel for All Souls]] on January 24, 2004, there had been discussions about cancelling the series.

Presentations of &lt;UNTITLED&gt; on January 16 and previous [[Beta Version|Beta]] previews increased Ni-Ki-Oh! enthusiasm. The video even encouraged others, including [[Johnny Pradlik]], [[William Mazzariello]], [[Tom Fulgione]], and [[Vinny Meenan]], to join the cast and crew.

== Promotional DVD Features ==
[[Image:UntitledArt.jpg|Concept art from the &lt;UNTITLED&gt; promo disc.]]The DVD included concept art for the projected [[Ni-Ki-Oh! Season 4|Season 4]], but since complete of Season 4's pre-production the story is not expected to progress to that point until [[Ni-Ki-Oh! Season 6|Season 6]]. The menu also featured the extended theme music used only in [[Ni-Ki-Oh! S03E06 - Power Surge]].

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CES Staff
Personally, I hated making this video. Added to the fact that I didn't get paid, I didn't want to do it, and it gives people nightmares, it wasn't even released to the public, only the director's friends to whom he decided to show the music video, nicknamed The Cat Video. Although this video is good for reflecting on the storyline, it is totally unnecessary and unexpected and doesn't even contribute to the storyline. The director says it was to rekindle interest in Ni-Ki-Oh!, but since that time, no new Ni-Ki-Oh! has been made.