Jurassic Park's Attack on Mt. Spooks

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Jurassic Park's Attack on Mt. Spooks was the first stop-motion animation short with medium production value produced by Ted Phillips with T.J.'s Cracked Egg Pictures. It was recorded on VHS-C format media in March 1995, but was not edited or released to the public until March 6, 2009.


A herd of dinosaurs marches on the fortress at Mt. Spooks. The guards in the fortress close the drawbridge, but it does not stop the dinosaurs from climbing the walls. The guards' medieval weapons are no match for the dinosaurs' razor-toothed jaws.


Jurassic Park's Attack on Mt. Spooks was filmed as an alternate project to The Escape of Jurassic Park after a scheduling conflict over the shooting location between that film and Nicky's Movie prevented the original project from moving forward. This short was recorded over the first several minutes of The Angree Gun IV, resulting in partial loss of that film.

When Ted Phillips went out later that day to meet with the some other members of his creative team, he discussed Jurassic Park's Attack on Mt. Spooks. In that same meeting, they began to brainstorm for Candy Land Dies.

Over time, the VHS-C master became so damaged that it was only possible to hear audio at some parts and all the video became garbled by the disintegrating magnetic emulsion. Then in 2004, the physical damage due to age and improper care made it impossible to view the film any longer. After many attempts at repairing the tape, it seemed likely that Jurassic Park's Attack on Mt. Spooks would become another lost project. On December 26, 2008, Ted Phillips was able to successfully workaround these issues and transfer the albeit damaged master to a digital file.

This film has gone by a number of aliases. This could be in part due to the damaged source making it difficult to hear the title, or simply because the title was too long for colloquial discussion and difficult to remember. Despite this, its title did not meet the criteria for inclusion in the Epic Titles category by the Crackipedia moderators. Instead of Jurassic Park's Attack on Mt. Spooks, it was frequently referred to as Mt. Spooks. During February 2009, it was listed in the Upcoming Releases section of the Cracked Egg Studios web site under the alias Jurassic Park Attacks Mt. Spooks, because the editor could not remember the exact title.

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