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Card Name: Stop! TRAP
Card No: MMT-001, DMT2-030

You can only activate this card during your opponent's turn when your opponent summons a monster or activates a Magic or Trap Card. Your opponent's turn ends immediately. The activation and effect of the card resolves normally.


The original card was given as the grand prize to the winner of Duel Monsters of Mayhem Mash, also known as Prime Duelist, a tournament held by the historical Free United Club of Kids from December 6, 2002 through January 4, 2003.

The original card was printed with the effect:
Your opponent's turn ends immediately.
Duelists frequently activated it during their opponent's Draw Phase to skip their entire turn. By July 30, 2005, the FBI had published errata with the effect on this page.

Stop! was reprinted with the updated effect beginning August 6, 2007 in the DMT2 Tournament Pack, a promotional expansion pack legal during the Cracked Egg Studios-sanctioned Duel Monsters Tournament II.

For many years, it was considered fact that only 1 MMT-001 Stop! was made. Niki Moto makes this claim in his review of the card on the Free United Club of Kids web site on July 30, 2005. However, in mid-April 2022, analysis of the documentary footage covering the tournament revealed that duelists can be overheard commenting on "another Stop! card." This gives support to memories of some club members, such as Ted Phillips, who remember different card art than the one pictured above.

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