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Nicky's Movie was the first short produced by Nick Phillips under T.J.'s Cracked Egg Pictures. It was recorded on VHS-C format media in early March 1995, but was not edited or released to the public until March 6, 2009.


Nicky sets up his movie. Then, he makes a train go "Choo Choo" and counts the logs on the track.


When filming this short, the filmmakers had no blank VHS-C media and were forced to use the leftovers from the lead of The Angree Gun IV. Because this short was recorded so close to the beginning of the tape, the first half of it was not viewable, because any tape deck would pre-load it past the playback head. In addition, this resulted in recording over the first several minutes of The Angree Gun IV.

When Nick Phillips created his company Dannick Studios in 1999, he retained all rights, even though the master was stored at Cracked Egg Studios.

Since 2004, physical damage due to age and improper care made it impossible to view the visible film any longer. On December 26, 2008, Ted Phillips was able to successfully workaround these issues and transfer the albeit damaged master to a digital file. For the first time, the scene where Nicky sets up the movie was viewable.

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