The Escape of Jurassic Park

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The title card for The Escape of Jurassic Park
The Escape of Jurassic Park was supposed to be the first stop-motion animation short with medium production value, produced by Ted Phillips with T.J.'s Cracked Egg Pictures. The film was to be based on his short story of the same name, which had been written during the previous year. Unfortunately, due to time and budget constraints, only the opening title and the establishing shot were filmed.

It was recorded on VHS-C format media in early March 1994, but was not edited or released to the public until March 5, 2009.


A train derails and runs through a full parking lot.


Due to a scheduling conflict with the shoot for Nicky's Movie, the project was cancelled after shooting only one scene. Once Ted had access to studio space again, he filmed Jurassic Park's Attack on Mt. Spooks instead.

Ted Phillips continued to develop The Escape of Jurassic Park, and in 1997, he restarted production under the working title The Return to the Lost World: Jurassic Park. Several more attempts were made, including a scrolling animated version in 1998, and a planned live-action version that never materialized.

Since 2004, physical damage due to age and improper care made it impossible to view the original film any longer. On December 26, 2008, Ted Phillips was able to successfully workaround these issues and transfer the albeit damaged master to a digital file.

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