Crackipedia was the codename for a uni-lingual, Web-based free content encyclopedia project in December 2006. The name Crackipedia is a portmanteau of the terms Cracked Egg Studios and Wikipedia. Crackipedia is written collaboratively by Cracked Egg Studios and volunteers, allowing many articles to be changed by anyone with close affiliation to the studio.

Project Crackipedia launched December 25, 2006 as a massive upgrade to The Vault, integrated into the expert-written Cracked Egg Studios Official web site as a complement to all things Cracked Egg Studios. It was created by pegasus as a supplement to FUCKipedia by Niki Moto, who described FUCKipedia as "an effort to create and distribute a free encyclopedia of the highest possible quality to every single person on the planet in the Free United Club of Kids." Since Cracked Egg Studios played such a large role in Free United Club of Kids history, Crackipedia was likewise created with the main focus to provide information on studio history, as well as productions listed in The Vault, new and upcoming releases, and Episode Summaries.

There has been controversy over The Vault's reliability and accuracy as a result of Crackipedia, with the site receiving criticism for its susceptibility to vandalism, uneven quality and inconsistency, systemic bias, and preference for consensus or popularity over credentials. Information is sometimes unconfirmed and questionable, lacking proper sources that, in the eyes of most Crackipedians, is necessary for an article to be considered "high quality." However, this is completely absurd; all articles are screened and edited by Cracked Egg Studios administrators within 24 hours of being added, CES Staff constantly moderates content edits, and only members with a high clearance level and studio approval can alter article content.

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