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With the relaunch of the web site, I would ask Nick, Clare, and anyone else with the patience, to please link any page/post that is expected to work but doesn't in some way.

For example:
Silver Skull

For the example of Silver Skull, the content is blank - probably lost in 2008/2009 when all posts were wiped and recovered from cache entries. It may be possible to recover such pages, if I have a backup from those early days, but I will need to do them manually, or completely recreate them.

Also, if you have specific ideas for improving navigation or certain design elements, that would be good too. I did try to push some things deeper into the site/menus for it to look more professional, since we'll be applying for some things this year and those companies will be poking around. But on top of that, the web site has been historically bad at navigation since it's a wiki, so the problem is compounded. I want to have content not blasting you in the face, but also not inaccessible, if that makes sense. You should be able to get to everything using links and not have to use the search.

If you have requests for specific wiki pages that were never created yet (red links), please post those too but as a separate (lower priority) list.

If you find a lot of things, please try to avoid double-posting. I will strike each item as I resolve it.
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Using the first successful database backup after the Post Erasure Event, I performed a text search of all posts that were completely blank, and came up with the following list of damaged card articles (quoted from the Post Erasure Event text):
These pages all exist (some have comments / reviews), but the first post only has placeholder text.

I should be able to recreate the main part of the posts using our DMT2 pack database. However, many of these cards have "history" around them (like why and how the first versions were made, first appearance, etc), and my memory of many of them is not great at this point.
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