Super Tommy Blasters

Card Image
Card Name: Super Tommy Blasters MAGIC
Card No: NST-002, DMT2-471

"Tommy" equipped with this card increases its ATK by 1500 points.


This card was part of a set of 5 cards, which were to be included as part of the Ni-Ki-Oh! Soundtrack. The set revolved around Tommy, the main series villain in Ni-Ki-Oh!, and having a Magic/Trap Card Zone full of cards equipped to Tommy. However, since the soundtrack was never released, this card was only revealed to the world as part of Card of the Day.

All Tommy cards were finally printed beginning August 6, 2007, in the DMT2 Tournament Pack, a promotional expansion pack legal during the Cracked Egg Studios-sanctioned Duel Monsters Tournament II; however, since no one ever opened a pack containing the cards, this is still the only one players have seen as of February 2, 2022.

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TK Seya

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Artwork: It looks like something stolen out of DBZ and although that's a good thing considering the regular Ni-ki-oh artwork, it be unoriginal.


Stats: Equip Spells are pretty crappy because they're all vulnerable-like. After some Tommy support cards, this 1500 boost could come in handy. But then again, why not just use Mage Power.


Effect: Being only able to be equipped to Tommy is quite a problem. That makes it situational. Then again, Tommy is very easy to get out and should rarely be seen in a deck outside of his own. 1500 ATK is not awesome but it is more than an Axe of Despair.


Ease of Use: It being only able to be equipped to Tommy makes it a tad difficut to use. It'd be a dead draw a lot of the time.


Stupid Combo:

LP Count - You: 3500
Opp: 4000

Your opponent has Uria, Lord of Searing Flames (5000 ATK/0 DEF) on the field and two set spell/traps. You have no cards in hand and field. You try to top something handy. You end up drawing Super Tommy Blasters. You say in your Ted-voice "f*****ck". Gay-muh End-uh.