EGG is a metaphor used by Cracked Egg Studios to describe any production or publication during its various stages of development. The EGG was first as the signature of T.J.'s Cracked Egg Productions used in 1992, and as T.J.'s Cracked Egg Pictures, its first animated logo was designed in 1997. The EGG has also repeatedly appeared in many cultures' mythologies to describe the creation of the universe and its entities.

The term EGG was expanded in September 2005 to include the portions of the computer systems designed and employed by Cracked Egg Studios:
For several months in 2006, Cracked Egg Studios offered replica desktop systems available through the EGG Builder on the web site.

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New member
I am having some difficulty understanding the organization of this site.

Is there a map here that describes the elements and what tools were used to implement each of them? Clearly some of the site uses vBulletin and other parts use Vaut Wiki. Is vB Blog also in use?

How about the three column layout? Is that built directly with style sheets, or is it an implementation of some other style manager.

On my screen some of your example screen shots get truncated at the right (Firefox 3.0.5). Is that a problem that is browser specific, or does your fixed width style cause that?


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Perhaps your difficulty in understanding the site's organization stems from the fact that the site's primary purpose is not to provide information on VaultWiki. The entire site uses vBulletin combined with many free and custom addons, as well as VaultWiki.

That said, the three-column layout was largely created using style sheets, although obviously the contents of the columns are present in some custom templates. We do not use vB Blog anywhere on our site.

The only parts of our site that use VaultWiki are the areas with "article" and "discussion" tabs (except the events forum).