All Cat was the first sketch comedy television episode produced by Ted and Nick Phillips. It was recorded on VHS-C format media on the old camera on November 12, 2000, but it was not edited or released to the public until December 28, 2009.


Ted and Nick Phillips watched the television show All That on Nickelodeon regularly until 1997. They decided to make their parody show All Cat in 1999 because they had acquired two kittens.

Ted and Nick Phillips began writing sketches for All Cat, which included "Good Doodle" and "Spanish with Ted," among others. However, they did not have a camera with which to film them until they rediscovered the old camera in November 2000. By this time, the written sketches had been lost, so the entire production had to be improvised.

Possibly due to these factors, All Cat did not achieve commercial success upon its initial release and did not develop a cult following.

Cultural References

  • The theme song "All Cat" is a blatant parody of the theme song to All That. The flying cats are meant to mock the slow-motion jumping of the actors in the seasons 1 and 2 version of the All That sequence.
  • The sketch "Good Doodle" is a parody of the All That sketch "Good Burger." In "Good Doodle," Nick is an idiot, like Ed from "Good Burger." Nick speaks the orders into a salt shaker, like Ed speaks the orders into a microphone. Nick's line "Welcome to Good Doodle, home of the Good Doodle. Can I take your order?" is similar to Ed's line "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?"
  • Clare orders "Chalkamilk", using the Clarespeak word for "chocolate milk." Her order pokes fun at her, because in real life, chocolate milk is a staple of Clare Phillips's diet.
  • After speaking into the salt shaker, Nick pours salt into his hand and licks it off. He pokes fun at himself, because in real life, Nick Phillips would frequently pour copious amounts of salt into his hand to eat it straight.
  • After Nick calls Clare "Ma'am," Clare complains "Don't call me a ma'am," similarly to Alan from the 1998 film Small Soldiers, who is on the phone with a Heartland Playsystems customer service representative when she calls him "ma'am." Alan replies, "I'm not a ma'am."
  • Nick gives Clare a complimentary bowl of Doodle Emmles, which are named after M&M's candy.
  • Nick wants to hold Clare's kitten. He asks, "May I see?" using the words and tone of voice from the 1998 The Simpsons episode "The Trouble with Trillions," in which Fidel Castro asks to see the trillion dollar bill.
  • Nick knocks out one of the customers with a pumpkin and elates, "Direct hit!" This hearkens back to the 1992 film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York when Kevin hits Marv with the first brick and states, "Direct hit."
  • Nick exclaims "Yoo-Hoo!" instead of "Yahoo," mocking how Clare Phillips would normally call the chocolate drink Yoo-Hoo "Yahoo". She had learned the word "Yahoo" from the falling Yahoo! billboard in the 1999 film Inspector Gadget.
  • When the anonymous suspect who is narrating talks about "a kid found breaking in the window and many objects missing." This was based on the real life current event in which Ted Phillips's Pokémon Silver game cartridge was missing and witnesses had seen a kid attempting to break in.
  • The Animorph makes a sword by stacking Crayola markers, a practice common among children of the time.
  • An Animorph terrorizes the Good Doodle restaurant. Ted Phillips had heard of the Animorphs book series through a Scholastic catalog.
  • Ted kills the Animorph using a Nintendo Super Scope.
  • Ted is wearing a shirt adorned with the Hard Rock Café logo.
  • While the cat Serebii is on the floor playing, a few notes from the score of the 1979 film The Amityville Horror also play.
  • Nick imitates a Pokédex entry for Serebii.
  • When Nick says that "Serebii is the 251st Pokeyman," he is teasing John Phillips for his mispronunciation of "Pokémon."
  • Nick harasses "the guy in the third row," much like Teddy in Funny Fun.


When applying to film school, Ted Phillips attempted to describe All Cat in his portfolio:
Ted Phillips said:
Spoof of the TV show "All That," featuring "Spanish with Ted," "Good Doodle," and a theme song characterized by flying cats.
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