Series Premiere: The Adventures of Bongo and Nakita

The year is 1998. Bongo and his twin brother Ed are security guards in Chinatown.

The series premiere of The Adventures of Bongo and Nakita, originally made in 1998, remade and extended in 2000-2001, and remastered in 2022, features segments "Guard???" and "The Fief!".


Tune in every other Monday for more adventures of Bongo and Nakita!

About this episode

Dannick Studios first made "Guard???" in 1998 using the trial version of Microsoft 3D Movie Maker. One limitation of the trial version was only being able to choose from 2 possible actors: Bongo or Nakita (and a small number of costume choices). Another limitation: the inability to save your movie. As a result, this segment was remade and rescreened multiple times over several months until Dannick Studios finally obtained a full copy of 3D Movie Maker.

In September 2001, the premiere was extended with "Bongo Quickie" segments, an homage to the "Garfield Quickie" segments in the animated series Garfield and Friends, which Nick and Teddy Phillips frequently watched in the mid to late 1990s. However, neither "Bongo Quickie" segment is an original work; both are copied from sample projects that were included with the 3D Movie Maker program.

At the behest of a dedicated cult following, the 3D Movie Maker source code, including the sample code, was finally released by Microsoft as open source in 2022, eliminating any lingering questions about licensing for movies created with the program, and enabling us to release this episode largely uncut.

Because 3D Movie Maker was designed for use under Windows 95 and didn't actually output video files, generations of hardware and operating system changes have meant that movies created on old systems tend to play differently on newer systems. Apart from upscaling, smoothing the choppy 6 frames-per-second animation, and attempting to clean up the heavily compressed dialogue, some small changes were made to the episode to correct timing issues, which may or may not have existed originally, and to improve text legibility. The original credits sequence has been removed in favor of one that is actually readable.
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