Increased Final Genesis Expenses

The site was down for the past two weeks because of an altered IP address that broke database access. Because our service provider didn't think it was necessary to tell us about the change, the site remained down while we were under the impression that there was a simple service outage. Once we discovered the true cause, we naturally informed our service provider of our displeasure.

During the past two weeks, work on Final Genesis as a whole had to come to a halt. While 3-7 "Losing a Mind" had technically been completed by November 11, now post-production for both 3-6 and 3-7 has been rewound an additional week. We reformatted the system drive on MASTER-EGG v1.1 to free additional workspace. All source files were archived in a safe location, but the changes in the system registry resulted in our software flagging and effectively deleting all special effects that had been made prior to the format.

Having lost a week's worth of special effects data, we sought further ways to speed up post-production. Instead of completely manual manipulation, by using new software plugins we should be able to decrease animation time by up to an additional 40%.

We should have these new tools available and have recovered our effects data on December 8th.
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