2. Daniel Hostomsky

Daniel Hostomsky, 2002, in an episode of Ni-Ki-Oh!
Daniel Joseph Hostomsky, Jr. was a base member of the club until January 16, 2002. He was born on May 27, 1992 and has lived in Edgewater Park. During 1998, Danny became good friends with Nicholas Phillips, who lived in an adjacent house, due to their common affinity for science. Later their friendship revolved around Pokémon and movie production. This friendship was the initial reason for his membership. He remains in contact with some members today, and is the brother of Michael Hostomsky. He plays a few sports, including baseball.

Initiation and Accomplishments

Danny Hostomsky was a member of the Fire-Breathing Dragons Club from the start. He even competed as a candidate in the club's first election. His campaign speech, written on April 29, 1999, is as follows:
This is what I will do as president. I will give each citizen $1.00 once every two months. I will teach stuff. I will kick out law breakers. I will make a sign that says no stealing, [and I will] tell people the prices of snacks.​
Candidate Daniel Hostomsky​

On Sunday, May 9, the members cast their vote. Unfortunately, Danny only received 33% of the popular vote and never became president. (This election is recorded in the text of the Constitution.) At the end of May, Danny became an apprentice to Nick Phillips, the Scientist Government Official. However, because the rest of his training was scheduled to take place over a period of two and a half weeks in July, he quit because he did not want to wait.

During Block War II, it is known that Danny was present at the Battle of the Parking Lot and was a momentary spectator to the Shovel of Shit Battle.

During September, Nick Phillips and Danny Hostomsky joined forces to create their own movie production company, Dannick Studios. From this company have emerged several screenplays that were never produced, including The Dream, Motorcycles, and "The Prisoners" (later produced by Cracked Egg Studios as The Twisted Mile).


On December 19, a club newsletter was released and the club name changed to "Free United Club of Kids," with the initials of the club name in the title of the newsletter, as well as used repeatedly throughout the newsletter. Danny and Michael Hostomsky showed the humorous newsletter to their mother, Dolores, who was offended at the thought of her own children belonging to a club called FUCK. A week later the club name was repealed and a letter of apology written to the Hostomsky parents.

On March 5, 2000, the club became the Pokémon Trainers Club, which included Danny Hostomsky as a gym leader who possessed the Water badge. He declared his goal as being the best gym leader. Challenging him for it was difficult because he was usually unavailable, but Danny did go on Pokémon journeys with the other Pokémon trainers.

On March 31, 2001, a second breach was created between Danny and the club when he punched the newcomer Joseph Justus (for reasons currently unknown) and was suspended from the club for one month at the decision of the President, Richard Falantano. His affiliation with his cousins, including Kilean, also produced much tension.

Later that year, Danny did not participate in the club much. He did compete in a contest for winning Pokémon cards (that was hosted by Nick Phillips) in early July, but that was about it. His enthusiasm for Pokémon training also went down. His trainer status report, taken on September 12, showed that, after a year and a half, he only had the one Pokémon gym badge he had always owned, the Water badge, and he had only caught six Pokémon. On September 21, he did not attend the meeting because of his doubts about membership. He never attended any more meetings.


On Monday, December 3, 2001, Nick Phillips, at the order of President Teddy Phillips (present-day Pegasus), wrote a letter of exile to Danny and Michael, explaining that they were no longer considered members. However, because Nick was unsure whether or not they wished to remain members, he kept them listed in the newsletter as members until receiving confirmation that Michael wished to remain a member and that Danny wanted to leave. On January 16, 2002, Danny was removed from the list of club members.

He has not been a member since. However, interaction between him and the members remained common for a few years, and he guest-starred on Ni-Ki-Oh! in the episode "The Island," shown above playing the part of Dragonball Z's cheerleader. A fictionalized version of him is also the protagonist of Out of the Darkness.

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