Cars for Sale! Cars for Sale! in Halloween #1

Nakita has opened an unused car dealership, and the fief is at it again!

While the second episode of The Adventures of Bongo and Nakita seems to start off like a normal day like any other in Chinatown, we can't forget that the episode's title is "Halloween I."


About this episode

The first two segments, "Car Crash" and "Ghost" were originally made in 1998 using 3D Movie Maker trial version and remade in fall 2000 with some scenes added. The third segment "Nakita's Pocket Pita," a name Ted Phillips insisted upon, was created specially for the 2000 release, although as a parody of previous installments and trial version movies, as it followed the 1998 shorts' 3D Movie Maker trial version limitation regarding character models to an extreme.

"Halloween I" pays homage to The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" episodes, by similarly using a creepy font for credit sequences, as well as giving most cast and crew horror-themed pseudonyms.

The episode is also notable for introducing the iconic song "Cars for Sale," and for including the only extant footage of the 1999 remake of 1998's Skelly 2, which was called simply Skelly.

Some small changes have been made to the episode to improve audio audibility and text legibility and to correct timing issues. The original credits sequence has been replaced with one that is more readable, and the final minute or so of the episode has been intercut with it to improve pacing.
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