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Skelly 2 was a science-fiction horror film produced by Ted Phillips under T.J.'s Cracked Egg Productions in 1998 and marketed as the sequel to Dannick Studios's Skelly. The film was produced using Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, but has since been lost.


Bongo has been treated as a social outcast for years due to his weight and decides to submit to an experimental computer-assisted weight loss procedure. However, when the doctors accidentally run the wrong computer program, the surgery goes horribly wrong, leaving Bongo with just his skeleton. Driven to rage by this outcome, he seeks revenge on the human race, and using an array of supernatural powers, he murders indiscriminately.

Relation to Dannick's version

Even though Skelly 2 was marketed as the sequel to Dannick's Skelly, the only real reasoning for that is that Skelly 2 was released later. Since both films included scenes of Skelly's origin story with shared elements, it would be more accurate to describe them as alternate tellings based on the same premise.

Skelly 2 quickly overshadowed its predecessor with its positive critical reception, and it was the only version to be remade, extended, referenced in popular culture, or receive spinoffs. Some factors that may have contributed to this include: a more narrative, character-driven story; a wider array of voice talent; more graphic violence; greater realism; and elements of satire.


Skelly 2 was only available for a few months until it was lost in a data loss event. The film was remade as Skelly in 1999, extended with new scenes, and with some scenes rewritten.
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