Tryant Nightmare

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Card Name: Tryant Nightmare EARTH
Card No: PTC-002, NLE-001, DMT2-489

Level 3: Fiend / Effect
This monster is also treated as Beast-type. When this monster is flipped face-up, destroy 2 monsters on your opponent's side of the field (regardless of position).

ATK/ 1100 DEF/ 800


The original card, created by Joseph Justus in 2002.

The DMT2 reprint with new background art.
The original card was created by Joseph Justus in 2002 using Microsoft Paint and featured in the first season Ni-Ki-Oh! episode "By the Other's Paw." The name was misspelled as "Triyant Nightmare", a Beast-Type monster. Its effect was the version used in the episode. Because of the card's low production value, and its unique existence in the hands of its creator Joseph Justus rather than given out as a prize, it was forbidden from casual and tournament play.

Due to the naming of the card, and the timing of its creation just days after the completion of the first Duel Monsters tournament, which was hosted by the historical Free United Club of Kids, it is believed that inspiration for this card came from the grand prize of that tournament, a card named Tyrant Needle Dragon.

The 2004 intentional misprint.
A modified version of Tryant Nightmare, tournament-legal within the Free United Club of Kids, was packaged with the Ni-Ki-Oh! DVD The Lost Episodes, released in 2004. One of these reprints was intentionally misprinted by Ted Phillips using the wrong foil background.

The NLE reprint effect made the card more situational and more balanced:
FLIP: Destroy 2 monsters on the field. This effect can only be activated during your opponent's Battle Phase.

It was reprinted beginning August 6, 2007 in the DMT2 Tournament Pack, a promotional expansion pack legal during the Cracked Egg Studios-sanctioned Duel Monsters Tournament II. In this set, Tryant Nightmare was a common and was misprinted as a DARK attribute in packs (the set's database correctly lists the card with the EARTH attribute). While it uses the NLE monster design, the card has a different background.

The DMT2 reprint updated the effect to be more in line with the Joseph Justus version and to eliminate a potential ruling where Tryant Nightmare was forced to cannibalize itself or other monsters under its owner's control.
FLIP: Destroy 2 monsters on your opponent's side of the field. This effect can only be activated during your opponent's Battle Phase.
However, because the DMT2 tournament was based on television-based errata, even though it was the same tournament that released the card with this effect, the tournament instead permitted the effect stated at the beginning of this page.

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TK Seya

Network Partner
Card of the Day #3 is Tr(i)yant Nightmare. I don't really like this card so I'll make it sound crappier in this review. The artwork on the original is even worse than the artwork on Gravy Master. The artwork on the second version is slightly better, yet still not super cool. In fact, it is super lame. Being Earth is a plus for Gaia Power, Milus Radiant, and Gigantes. The thing that makes this card special is that, in changing artworks, it has transformed from a beast into a fiend. The Beast version is good for Beastdowns of course. The Fiend version makes it good for Necrofear food. Having 800 DEF is not that good seeing that it'll be set most of the time. 1100 ATK is nothing to smile about either, except for the fact that it could destroy Mystic Swordsman LV2 and Sangan. The effect may seem awesome, but in most situations it would be a one-for-one. Yes, one-for-one's are used in the current metagame frequently but in Ni-ki-oh, there are many cards with super-cheap effects, so why not use one of those instead? The potential for the two-for-one is great though, and it could really save a player when they're getting swarmed. It is a level 3 monster, so it can be easily summoned through a normal summon. Giant Rat can get it out also. The full potential of this card can not be used that much due to the fact that it can only be activated in the opponents battle phase.

Stupid Combo

Your opponent has The Masked Beast and Shinato, King of a Higher Plane on the field, both in attack mode. They have no cards in their hand but two cards face down in their spell/trap zone. You have one card face down in your spell/trap zone and one set monster. They attack with Shinato thus destroying your face down Giant Rat and decreasing your LP by 1400 bringing you down to 3100. With Giant Rat's effect, you bring out the Beast Triyant Nightmare. Your opponent laughs as they foolishly activate DNA Surgery and Limiter Removal trying to deal a mighty finishing blow. You laugh as you counter with your Book of Moon, choosing Triyant Nightmare. TN's effect destroys both of their mighty ritual monsters. In your turn, you Premature Burial to return Triyant Nightmare to the field in attack mode. The field card Gaia Power is then played and so is Rescue Cat. Rescue Cat uses its effect to bring two Milus Radiants to the field thus increasing Triyant Nightmare's ATK to 2600. Note that both Milus Radiants have 1800 ATK. To deal massive damage, you surprise your opponent with a Limiter Removal. The triple attack deals a mighty 12400 LP worth of damage to the opponent.

Artwork: -12/10
Stats: 5/10
Effect: 7/10
Ease of Use: 7/10