Ni-Ki-Oh! Episode Guide

The Ni-Ki-Oh! Episode Guide was one of the stock features of the Cracked Egg Studios web site when it launched on May 29, 2005. The guide was inherited from Ni-Ki-Oh!'s original home on the web at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Club Official Web Site and displayed information in a table containing season, episode title, episode cancellations, ending theme, and original air date.

Episode titles were color-coded to represent the protagonist(s) for each episode: red for Niki Moto, cyan for Seto Vacca, green for Jokuba Vacca, and yellow for Bandit Rich. Cancelled episodes were white, and future episodes gray.

The Ni-Ki-Oh! Episode Guide v2.0 launched as a subset of The Vault v2.0 when the web site was upgraded to Version 6.0. The new guide separates released episodes, upcoming episodes, and cancelled/unaired episodes to give viewers a more accurate idea of the true number of produced episodes.

Released Episodes

The following episodes have been broadcast at the regularly scheduled hour. These episodes may include updated versions of those listed under Cancelled/Unaired Episodes.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Upcoming Episodes

The following episodes are slated for release some time in the future. All of these episodes have completed pre-production, but many of them have not even begun principle photography. Those that have have been lingering in special effects stages for months or years. Many fans have lost hope that these episodes will ever be released.

Season Three

Season Four

Cancelled Episodes

The following episodes fall under one of the following criteria: they do not follow a designated story arc; or they were cancelled during pre-production for the economy of story.

Season Three

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