Immense Damage

Immense Damage was the second episode of the first season of the Ni-Ki-Oh! series. The episode first aired on August 31, 2002 in the living room of 35-D Edgewater Park, playing from the unique VHS copy onto which it was recorded using a tape-to-tape method of linear editing.


This is a synopsis of the DVD version.

The episode opens with Niki and Joey in the playground, preparing to fight a duel. Joey summons Ryu-Kishin Powered [1600/1200] and destroys several of Niki's monsters. Niki is backed into a corner until he pulls the monster that saves him: the Summoned Skull [2500/1200]! Niki plays the Summoned Skull and destroys Ryu-Kishin with a Lightning Strike attack.

Niki: 2000 Joey: 1100

Niki continues to destroy Joey's defenses with the Summoned Skull. He powers up the Summoned Skull with the field magic card, Yami, giving all Fiend- and Spellcaster-type monsters a 30% field power bonus. [3250/1560] Joey then plays De-Spell to destroy Yami. Joey summons Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but Niki destroys it with a Trap Hole. Niki plays Sparks, to deal 200 damage to Joey's life points.

Niki: 2000 Joey: 900

Niki plays Stop Defense on Joey's facedown defense monster, forcing the Trap Master into attack mode [500/1100]. Niki attacks with the Summoned Skull and wins.

Niki: 2000 Joey: 0

Now Niki has ten star chips, allowing him to compete in the Duel Monsters Playoffs. Two weeks later, all the duelists with enough star chips gather at the Playoffs. Maxamillion Pegasus, the host, welcomes them and the first duel begins.

Pegasus duels Seto Vacca, who uses a combination of powerful monsters and direct damage
magic cards. Vacca wittles down Pegasus's life points with cards like Tremendous Fire,
Ookazi, Hinotama, and Sparks. Vacca summons two Dark Magicians and a Blue-Eyes White
Dragon. For some reason, Pegasus powers his opponent's monster up with Equip Magic cards
such as Book of Secret Arts and Stim-Pack. His motives are revealed when he summons Time
Wizard, a card borrowed from Niki. The Time Wizard destroys all of Vacca's monsters and a
number of his life points equal to half of their total attack points. Pegasus wins.


  • "Immense Damage" is the second episode on the Ni-Ki-Oh! The Lost Episodes DVD.
  • Characters Introduced: Maxamillion Pegasus, Seto Vacca.
  • In the original showing, the duel with Joey was shown in "No One to Duel," but compressed into three minutes, while on the version on the DVD, Niki duels Joey in this episode.
  • This episode covers part of the Duel Monsters Tournament that was hosted in July 2002 by the Pokemon Trainers Club.


  • Joey: I dispel all your darkness! With the Magic card, De-Spell. Destroying your Yami field card.
  • Niki Moto: Ah. This card is very good.
  • Niki Moto: I got some good cards trading in. Wanna see 'em? A Block Attack, and Germ Infection, Baby Dragon, and Jirai Gumo! Oh, great! With these new magic cards combined with my monsters, I'll have a real strong deck! Here. I'll add this to my deck. It can be helpful in a tight spot. [hands himself Time Wizard] Thanks. I can't get over how I'm always helping myself out.
  • Pegasus: Greetings, duelists. I am Maxamillion Pegasus, the creator of this card game and host of this tournament. I congratulate you all for making it to the final round of this tournament. This is where the competition really gets tough. The finalists are: Richard Howard, Seto Vacca, myself, Jokuba Vacca, Niki Moto, and C.J. Wait; who names their kid C.J.?
  • Vacca: Did Richie duel today?
    Pegasus: No. But he automatically won because his opponent never showed. Nik might automatically win too.
    Vacca: Who was his opponent?
    Pegasus: My first card will be Pot of Greed.
  • Vacca: Should you stay or should you go now? Should you attack or
    should you defend?
  • Pegasus: I'm gonna use the Time Wizard.
    Vacca: Oh, cool. Let me see it? That is so friggin' hot!
    Pegasus: It's time to spin!
  • Vacca: I may have lost, but I'll be back. Fear this face, 'cause it'll back to destroy you.


  • During the episode, Clera constantly asks Pegasus, "Teddy, how do you beat Death Star?"
  • Both Clera and Seto Vacca call Pegasus "Teddy."
  • Seto Vacca keeps claiming that he would win on the next turn but never does.

Cultural References

  • The characters duel using actual Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards.
  • While Seto Vacca and Pegasus duel, Star Wars music plays in the background. Pegasus also hums the tune when searching his deck by means of Last Will.

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