B. Eyes Silver Dragon

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Card Image
Card Name: B. Eyes Silver Dragon DARK
Card No: NLE-003, DMT2-240

Level 7: Dragon / Effect
Increase this card's ATK by 200 points for each Dragon-type monster on the field.

ATK/ 2400 DEF/ 2100


The original card was created by Joseph Justus in 2002 using Microsoft Paint and featured in the first season Ni-Ki-Oh! episode "By the Other's Paw." Its original effect was the version used in the episode. Because of the card's low production value, and its unique existence in the hands of its creator Joseph Justus rather than given out as a prize, it was forbidden from casual and tournament play.

A modified, tournament-legal version of the card within the Free United Club of Kids, illustrated by William Mazzariello, was packaged with the Ni-Ki-Oh! DVD The Lost Episodes, released in 2004. It was reprinted beginning August 6, 2007 in the DMT2 Tournament Pack, a promotional expansion pack legal during the Cracked Egg Studios-sanctioned Duel Monsters Tournament II.

The reprint effect is: "Increase this card's ATK by 200 points for every other Dragon-type monster on the field."

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TK Seya

Network Partner
Artwork: Sadly, that's some of the best Ni-ki-oh original artwork.


Stats: A Level 7 Dark Dragon 2400/1200 is really not that good.


Effect: On the field? If it was like Buster Blader that'd be cooler.


Ease of Use: Not so easy.


Stupid Combo:

You topdeck this. You're doomed. Gay-muh End-uh.


CES Staff
History: This card was originally created as a promo card called "Black Eyes Silver Dragon" by Jokuba Vacca during July 2002 on Microsoft Paint. It originally had no card illustration and only one existed, in his possession, which Tommy then stole. The fact that it was made and owned solely by the counterfeiter earned the attention of the Federal Bureau of Inhibition and resulted in the declaration of the card as counterfeit and was thereafter banned.

Actually, the original version that Jokuba made, the one used in "By the Other's Paw," did have a card art.