Rudolph Quits!

Rudolph Quits! is a Christmas-themed children's book, written and illustrated by Ted Phillips. It was Ted Phillips' first written work to be published in print for mass distribution.

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One foggy Christmas Eve, Rudolph quits. Christmas will be ruined unless Santa can find a replacement or make amends in time.

A tale of betrayal and reconciliation that explores the dangers of jumping to conclusions.


Rudolph Quits! was originally written in December 1997 to satisfy a fifth grade writing assignment. To compensate for a lack of originality, Ted Phillips extensively borrowed from the 1996 Phillip Como work Santa Was Late This Year, which was unavailable at the time. In 1998, the original artwork suffered neglect and was subjected to the elements, taking severe damage.

During EggCon 2009, Ted Phillips announced that he would soon negotiate with publishers regarding an unspecified work. At that time, he used digital techniques to restore the work and added two more illustrations that were not in the original manuscript in order to improve pacing.

In December 2011, Ted opted to publish Rudolph Quits! in print via CreateSpace and also for Amazon Kindle devices and mobile apps. From December 6-7, he designed new cover artwork and submitted the completed book to CreateSpace for printing.

CreateSpace began carrying Rudolph Quits! on December 13, 2011.

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