The Vault Finally Unlocked

Since the Cracked Egg Studios Official Web Site opened over a year ago, it has been home to a practically useless Vault section with absolutely no helpful information, except for a list of titles. Now Cracked Egg Studios integrates a new CMS, allowing for greater expandibility than before, and beginning the upgrade to Version 6.0!

The Vault has been reopened after a month-long project that expanded the section and actually began adding some of the site's first real content since its opening. Articles containing information about how to use the web site, Cracked Egg Studios' various productions and publications, and the history of the studio are already available, with many more to come over the next days and months.

The Vault will become the site's encyclopedia for every bit of trivia a fan could want to know. Because of the new structural changes this means, the Ni-Ki-Oh! section has been moved to an area called Current Projects, where you can easily access information on what's in development now, even if you don't have access to the exclusive In Development forums.
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