EggCon 2009 Coverage

An entire month after EggCon, we have finally added video coverage of the event to the article (EggCon 2009). This was delayed due to both hard drive failures last month and a need to add new functionality to the EggPlayer first.

The EggPlayer, the Cracked Egg Studios web site's flash player, now features a Mute button and the ability to create playlists. For video playlists, a "Now Playing" drop-down menu is added to the top of the player. Clicking any of the scenes in the menu will jump to that scene. Additionally, you can move from scene to scene using the Previous and Next buttons, or the next scene will automatically begin upon reaching the end of the current one. When moving between scenes the current play state (playing/paused) is preserved, however you may still want to pause to allow the new scene to buffer somewhat.

EggCon coverage is presented using a playlist.
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