EggCon is an annual event hosted by Cracked Egg Studios where employees, customers, and fans gather to network, learn about the company's current projects, and have a good time. The first convention was held on September 5, 2009.


In Febrary 2009, Joe Justus, who had acted in several productions in the past until breaking his contract on Ni-Ki-Oh! due to mid-life crisis, expressed a newfound interest in acting for Cracked Egg Studios after seeing raw footage for Isles of Fortune. He recommended to Ted Phillips that he hold a convention where people could "watch all the old movies" and all the episodes of Ni-Ki-Oh!.

Later that month, a private section was added to the web site, where high-ranking members of the community could offer input on what the convention would consist of. Several ideas were pitched, including: a paintball tournament, completing Duel Monsters Tournament II, an Observatory tournament, fully-staffed food and drink courts, a dance party, and a TV playing all Cracked Egg Studios productions. In May, this section of the web site was removed. None of the suggestions were implemented during 2009.

List of Conventions

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