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The Ice Monster was a stop-motion animation short, produced by Ted Phillips with T.J.'s Cracked Egg Productions. The film was deemed an artistic failure and destroyed by Ted Phillips - he recorded over it with Funny Fun in 1994.

It was recorded on VHS-C format media in August-September 1994, but was never edited or released to the public.


A man braves a terrible blizzard, surmounting the huge snow dunes in search of shelter. He finally comes upon a deep cave, the home of a horrible ice monster.


Ted Phillips was likely inspired by the opening scenes with Luke Skywalker in the cave of the wampa in Star Wars - Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back, a film he watched many times at a young age.

After it was recorded over in 1994, The Ice Monster was completely lost and forgotten, although the tape was still in the Cracked Egg Studios' possession. Since 2004, physical damage due to age and improper care made it impossible to view the tape it had originally been on any longer.

The background contains the only remnants that prove The Ice Monster ever existed.
On December 26, 2008, Ted Phillips was able to successfully workaround these issues and transfer the albeit damaged master to a digital file. On March 4, 2009, archaeologists discovered a brief reference to its existence in the remains of another lost film Dinosaur Insurance, which conveyed Ted Phillips sitting in front of The Ice Monster's set with its title card partially within the frame. This discovery sparked the memory of Ted Phillips, who was then able to recall also being on set directing The Ice Monster.

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