Isles of Fortune is a series developed by Ted Phillips, with novelizations of the same name by the same author. The content encompasses a variety of genres, including medieval fantasy and science-fiction.


The Isles of Fortune novels were originally inspired by primary source accounts written by a young Clare Phillips. Powisia: A Sad, Exciting, and True Story, originally written in late 2005, was based on her interactions with the real-life pet cat Tommy. She later expanded on these accounts with ancient writings called The Story of Powisia published in a serial format on the Rare Witch Project forums in August and September 2006.

On September 15, 2006, Clare Phillips granted Ted Phillips of Cracked Egg Studios permission to develop the story further as a series. Development began in 2006, leading to unreleased trailers in early 2007, and the highest quality production ever released by Cracked Egg Studios as part of EggCon 2009:

Critical Reception

The teaser shown above received the most positive response of anything shown at EggCon 2009. Critics noted that this production caused the company expenses far beyond any of the studio's previous work and that were not recovered until May 2010. It became the new standard against which future Cracked Egg Studios projects would be judged.

Some speculate that Isles of Fortune will feature an alternate reality to the Ni-Ki-Oh! story. Many believe that a Ni-Ki-Oh! trailer, also shown at EggCon 2009, included footage from Isles of Fortune. Additionally, a character called the Confucianist is mentioned in the trailer, a character that has only been mentioned in leaks relating to Isles. Nick Phillips himself perpetuated this theory during the Ni-Ki-Oh! panel discussion at EggCon 2009:
Nick Phillips said:
Powisia might also cause some confusion because [it] is also the name of a geographic location in our other show Isles of Fortune, which also has characters that are also in Ni-Ki-Oh! So there is a little bit of crossover there between the two. It's hard to tell. But we're trying to fuse the two into a single canon.

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