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Has anyone seen the <UNTITLED> music video?! It is the first taste of what's to come in the Season 3 Finale and Season 4. Ni-Ki-Oh! fans can expect great things from Cracked Egg Studios for the future of the show. The cat Tommy, portrayed in <UNTITLED>, plays a major role in upcoming episodes.

Ni-Ki-Oh! Soundtrack

This past weekend the Ni-Ki-Oh! Soundtrack was released. Almost 200 tracks from 99 not yet all released episodes, plus a few bonus tracks. Six promo cards were included in random assortment: Tommy, Mirror Dome, Magical Barrier, Pilo Defense, Super Tommy Blasters, and Messenger of Pain.

Ni-Ki-Oh! on paper

There are also plans for a Ni-Ki-Oh! novel, which will supposedly be completed and released before the end of the series, for those of us who can't resist major spoilerage.

Ni-Ki-Oh! Season 2 DVD

The second season of Ni-Ki-Oh! will be available on DVD March 5th, with more special features than the Lost Episodes DVD had. This DVD includes subtitles, outtakes, alternate endings, and deleted scenes as well. It will include three promo cards as always, but one can only speculate what Cracked Egg Studios has concocted for us this time. Rumor has it that they are reprints of previously banned promo cards.

New episodes announced

The release date for the next episode has also been announced: May 28th 2005. The season will progress each Saturday afterwards. I'm so excited after seeing the <UNTITLED> video...

New characters

Cracked Egg Studios has given hints of new characters including Gozaburo Loser, Ditto, and the Rare Hunters. It remains a mystery how they will deal with the end of the Pegasus story arc. His Millennium Eye was seen getting gouged out at the end of the last episode... Also the question from last year still remains to be answered: Who are the four characters the writer plans to kill off within the next five episodes?


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