Cracked Egg Studios is Back!

Roughly one full year since we closed the web site for updates, the Cracked Egg Studios web site has finally reopened its doors!

The underlying software we use has been changed from vBulletin to XenForo. The previous software was no longer supported by its developers, making it difficult to keep other parts of the site updated without causing errors, and moving to the more developer-friendly architecture of XenForo has been something we have wanted to do for the better part of a decade. With the software change also comes a long-overdue update to the appearance of the web site.

Since Adobe discontinued support for Flash, it had started to become difficult to watch many of our existing videos. So we have completely rewritten the video player, entirely using HTML5 and Javascript. We have also regenerated all the video files themselves to use the more modern and web-friendly WEBM format.

In the process of regenerating the videos, we have temporarily taken down several where licensing had expired or otherwise come into question, including the popular Free United Club of Kids (released 2005) and The Twisted Mile (released 2006). In the coming weeks, once the lingering issues are resolved, we will be re-releasing remasters of the affected videos.

We have also completely rewritten our shop to allow for an overall better experience, including more payment options, the ability to save payment methods, dynamic calculation of shipping options, and more accurate handling of sales tax. We will be relisting various merchandise over the next several days.

During the hiatus, we spent a good deal of time going through the archives, and we have found a whole slew of content that never made it onto the web site, including a number of unreleased items, and others that have not been seen by even the most devout fans in over twenty years! We will be rolling that content out throughout 2022, and we will announce it all here when it happens.

Thank you to our fans for being patient while we were gone, and for being so dedicated throughout the years. We hope you enjoy the new site.

For your enjoyment, here's the original Cracked Egg Studios web site intro video, which was created in November 2004 and played as the site's landing page from 2005-2007.

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