The Twisted Mile series

This article is about the series. For the 2001 film, see The Twisted Mile. For the pilot, see The Twisted Mile (Pilot).
The Twisted Mile is a half-hour dramatic series produced by Ted Phillips with Cracked Egg Studios. The pilot episode was shot on MiniDV format media in August 2006. Further episodes are currently in development.


In August 2006, Ted Phillips suggested remaking The Twisted Mile, using older actors who might be slightly more believable in the situations than eleven-year-olds. However, he wanted to keep the production values low and recreate the same mistakes that had been used in the original.

Joseph Justus did not reprise his role in the pilot because he considered acting to a phase he had grown out of. His roles were divided between Tom Fulgione and Vinny Meenan. Ted Phillips surrended the role of David Rap to James Corbett.

After the remake was filmed, Fulgione suggested filming a fake teaser for a sequel, entitled The Even More Slightly Twisted Mile.

On September 15, 2006, Ted Phillips announced that even though the sequel teaser had been intended as a joke, the studio had decided to make The Twisted Mile into an episodic series.[1]

Season One

Thirteen episodes are planned for the first season.
  1. The Twisted Mile
  2. Not a Monk


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