Rotten Egg Studios is a DBA used by Cracked Egg Studios for some projects in the horror genre. It was first used in 2000 and most recently in 2022.


A "Rotten Egg Studios" reference replaced "Cracked Egg Studios" in the 2000 and 2001 credits of the Halloween episodes of The Adventures of Bongo and Nakita as part of the Simpsons-inspired gag of altering credited names to match the horror theme.

It went unused and mostly forgotten by scholars until the revival of the same series in 2022. In anticipation of the re-release of the episodes in October 2022, the web site theme was changed to incorporate blood tones, and the logo was altered so that the egg contained a vomit-colored yolk and the Poopy bird mascot was zombified. During this month, the studio also offered the Rotten Egg T-Shirt for sale for a limited time.

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