Double-Headed Rex vs. Super Man

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Double-Headed Rex vs. Super Man was a short produced by Ted Phillips with Cracked Egg Studios. It followed the trend of using panoramic backgrounds and stop-motion animation. It was recorded on VHS-C format media on or about March 6, 1993, but was not edited or released to the public until November 22, 2008.


According to the narrator's voice in the archival footage, Double-Headed Rex vs. Super Man was written as if it were one of the films featured on the television show MonsterVision.

The Double-Headed Rex figure was part of a prop loan from Rich Falantano that had begun when King Kong vs. Roboman was created. After production wrapped for King Kong 2: King Kong Comes Back vs. The Bloody Man!, the figure was returned to Falantano and did not appear in any further shorts.

Cultural References

  • There was an episode of Superman where Superman fights a Tyrannosaur that survived the Ice Age. (citation needed)
  • Super Man's house is built with Waffle Blocks.
  • Super Man is actually an action figure of ?.


  • The color temperature changes twice during this short. It is likely that someone turned the bathroom light on while the camera was rolling and the cinematographer John Phillips did not notice.

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