King Kong 2: King Kong Comes Back Vs. The Bloody Man!

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King Kong 2: King Kong Comes Back Vs. The Bloody Man! was Ted Phillips' first short to be a sequel. It was his first short to use multiple camera positions, layered action within the frame, and entirely natural lighting. It followed the trend of using panoramic backgrounds and stop-motion animation. It was recorded on VHS-C format media in mid-1993, but was not edited or released to the public until November 15, 2008.


King Kong 2 is the direct sequel to King Kong vs. Roboman, the story taking place a couple of hours after the original. According to the narrator's voice in the archival footage, King Kong 2 was written as if it were one of the films featured on the television show MonsterVision.

The King Kong figure was part of a prop loan from Rich Falantano that had begun when the original was created. After production wrapped for King Kong 2, Falantano attempted to collect, but he refused the return of the King Kong figure. It had been stored with the figure who played the Bloody Man character, and it was now covered in sticky old ketchup and red glitter-paint.

Despite the breakthroughs in its photography, King Kong 2: King Kong Comes Back Vs. The Bloody Man never had the cult fame of either of its parents, King Kong vs. Roboman or The Bloody Man.

Cultural References

  • Godzilla makes a cameo appearance as part of the panoramic background.
  • The narrator says "End." This is anachronistic to Prometheus and Bob shorts which aired on the Nickelodeon show KaBlam! 3 years later.
  • The ending musical arrangement is influenced by the theme song from the 1940s animated series Superman, by the score to the 1933 film King Kong, and by Sydney Carter's 1963 hymn "Lord of the Dance."

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What was the ending song for this video?


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I believe it was a combination of a movie theme and a hymn. Further research and discussion is necessary.