The Cracked Egg Logo first appeared in early 1992 as an image in the titles of the graphic novels iTO3A and Oh3i, written by Ted Phillips. Corporate sponsor and Ted Phillips's mother Kathy Phillips claims that the initial appearance of said image reminded her of Ludwig Wittgenstein's The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: New Constructs of Mind and Reality, which was actually written by Joseph Chilton Pearce. She began to use her influence to insist on the propagation of the cracked egg, and in 1993, T.J.'s Cracked Egg Productions became a studio entity with the photography of The Bloody Man.


The logo was used in its original form on title cards until 1997, when plans for Dreamland began to solidify. Ted Phillips designed a special logo animation sequence for the film, explaining the significance of the image. An egg and T.J.'s fall from the sky and lands safely on the words Cracked Egg Pictures without shattering. Suddenly the egg cracks open at the top, and a yellow chick sticks its head up with a cheep as Presents appears at the bottom of the screen. In order to explain the animation, Ted Phillips compared his productions to an EGG, but the design never made it to fruition since Dreamland has yet to be produced. However, a similar animation, omitting the chick, was used for the opening sequence of the 1998 production of Skelly.

The logo fell out of use and only the changing name remained until the Cracked Egg Studios Official Web Site was launched on May 29, 2005. An animated flash logo of flying eggs a la 2001: A Space Odyssey and Y3K: A Stupid Movie was its reappearance after an eight-year hiatus. The final frame of the animation was used throughout the site as a banner until summer 2009, when the new animation and banner featuring studio mascot Poopy were added.

During June 2005, Maximillion Pegasus began collaborating with Joseph Justus of Noey Productions for the film Bean of the Dead. New live action logo sequences were considered for both companies that might become motifs in the opening scenes of any future productions. For Cracked Egg Studios, they planned that an egg would roll into a scene from off-screen and break (by rolling off a ledge, a character stepping on it, or any other means), followed by the opening titles appearance of Cracked Egg Studios. This version of the logo has not yet appeared in any production.

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Do you think it's possible that Ted originally took the image of a cracked egg from the logo for the show Dinosaurs? The similarity is so overwhelming that we cannot overlook this.


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While still speculation, I think that deserves to be mentioned in the article. After all, Ted did have an obsession with dinosaurs in general. Once he saw a TV show about dinosaurs who could talk, it could have influenced a number of things.

For example, he talked to Uncle Ron about the dinosaur family that lived under the house in Edgewater, but around the time of the family reunion during which the "milk in the gasoline" phrase was coined, Ted confirmed that these dinosaurs had gone off to college.