Project: Waffle Iron

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Production is finally coming together on the mysterious Project: Waffle Iron. Pegasus is currently assembling a team of twisted people who can pull this one off perfectly. Project: Waffle Iron is a Ni-Ki-Oh!-themed short video that will be used in a promotional… Read more

Plans for the Website

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We have future plans for the website. Some things to come include:
  • Summaries for each past meeting
  • Biographies for each club member
  • Links for more information about each datum on the Presidents and Such page
  • More Ni-Ki-Oh episode summaries
  • More Promos
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New Server Plans

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Cracked Egg Studios will soon be hosting its own website on its new computer systems which will be powerful enough to double as a web server. The advantages of this are that we will no longer have to worry about disk space usage, bandwidth limits, the cost… Read more

The site has been updated!

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Our website has come a long way since its founding in February 2002. However, there have not been very frequent updates to the website. But now that I, Niki Moto, have been given more power over this website, this website will have more information and… Read more

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