Video Support for iOS Devices

We have offered video content on the web site since 2005, with the intro shortly after launch, and gradually releasing productions from our archives beginning in 2008. However, in all the 16+ years since, it was never possible to view that content on mobile devices; rather, only desktop and laptop computers could play the videos.

Earlier this month we announced that we had done away with our Flash content, and with that change, our content finally became viewable on Android mobile devices.

As of today, our rollout is now complete for iOS devices as well, such as iPhones and iPads, by adding HLS support. There are some minor differences in features and functionality depending on what device you do use, but for the first time ever, our content should now be accessible on the vast majority of devices.

For the best experience, we still recommend visiting the web site on a computer. If you do use a mobile device, the experience will be better using Android over iOS devices, but both do work.
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