The site has been updated!

Our website has come a long way since its founding in February 2002. However, there have not been very frequent updates to the website. But now that I, Niki Moto, have been given more power over this website, this website will have more information and updates.

So what is new to this website?
  • The pages all replace "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Club" with "Free United Club of Kids"
  • Zombie and Pope have been removed from the site's users, the forum, and the member database
  • There is now a place entitled "Attendance," where members can check to see if they missed any meetings
  • The member database has been updated, and there is now a biography for Michael Vacca
  • The newsletter page now includes newsletters #90, 92-94.
  • The Constitution, Presidents and Such, and Meetings pages have all been updated to include the changes from the last meeting.
  • There is now a study guide for incoming members who will take the initiation test.
This is only the beginning of a new age for our club website!
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