Nakita Has a Visit From the School Board

Nakita has been a bit strict with the students at her preschool, and rumor has it that the school board has taken notice.

Seizure warning! This program contains flashing lights.

About this episode

Nick Phillips continued The Adventures of Bongo and Nakita with "Crisis" in fall 2001, and explores the question that's been on everyone's minds since episode 1: Will Bongo and Nakita ever get together?!

"Crisis" features more adult themes than previous installments, covering such topics as unemployment and language barriers. In the latter half, called "The Trip to Mexico," Bongo discovers he can't do anything on his vacation because he doesn't know Spanish. Nick Phillips wrote and voiced this segment while he was studying Spanish in his free time, using it to practice and improve his own ability in the language.

In the episode, Bongo gets a gig as an actor on a movie called "Venus 31." The entire Venus 31 sequence is copied from a sample project that was provided with the 3D Movie Maker program.

The episode includes a commercial break, which advertises the T.J.'s Cracked Egg Studios movie Skelly, a remake of Skelly 2, from which the episode also includes a reenacted scene during its end credits. Interestingly, "Crisis" credits cast and crew involved with the making of the Skelly clip even though it was played as a commercial.

Some small changes have been made to the episode to improve audio audibility, text legibility, and to correct timing issues. The original ending credits sequence has been replaced to be consistent with earlier remastered episodes and to spare viewers the agony of sitting through the extremely slowly rolling original credits.
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