When Cracked Egg Studios announced the upgrade to Version 6.0, a number of new changes and features were still incomplete. Since that time, even more changes have been made.

Bug Fixes

Some members had experienced a bug in the News section that resulted in all their comments requiring moderator approval, a bug which has since been fixed.

The last post info on the forum home page is now correctly updated. A bug was also fixed where searching for posts would only return thread results.

A few more security issues have been addressed.

Dynamic Content

Some Vault pages include dynamic content that changes depending on your Usergroup level. Some posts may contain dynamic content that changes depending on your Usergroup level.


The top menu now matches the width of the rest of the site on all pages. The Help menu now contains links that change depending on the page you are currently viewing. The extra menu bar has been removed from the Vault area.

For admins, an Admin Menu has been added to the User Control Panel.

Forum & Thread Info

Headers have been added to all forums and threads. These may contain links to useful Vault pages that can help newbie members learn about the topics of discussion.

New Mail System

A new system called EggMail has been implemented. Members of Network Partner or Staff groups now have their own email addresses @crackedeggstudios.net, accessible through the Control Panel menu.

Tracker Fixed

The Download Tracker has been fixed and fully integrated into the new site, for more seamless adding of download files. Old files will come back online by Friday.
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