Duels Begin Thanks to The Vault v3.0

Last night the site's links were changed to the now public beta of The Vault v3.0. Improvements over Version 2.0 include better forum integration, faster processing, and more customizable presentation. Every article now displays a list of contributors underneath to give various members their appropriate credit. Articles are automatically sorted by the containing forums, but can also be added to categories, and a new book system. However, since Version 3.0 is still in beta, this means there are a couple of bugs to work out, so please be patient.

In Development

The layout of the In Development forum has been changed to better manage project assignments and track progress rather than merely using forum threads.

Some of the Developer Links on the In Development page have been opened up to everyone. By clicking In Development: Projects, you will see a list of the projects you are allowed to view. The Web Site is among these projects, which will allow you to track the various bugs that have been reported on the site.

Duel Monsters 2

The Duel Monsters Tournament II was the first real test in content management for The Vault v3.0. The tournament's rulebook has been posted there in its entirety, as have the Forbidden/Limited List, Japanese Exceptions list, and the Card Errata list.

Join us August 6th when this tournament finally takes off!
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