Duel Monsters II Playoffs

The playoffs of the Duel Monsters II tournament will take place on Monday, August 20 at the tournament area. The playoffs will include all tournament participants, so they should be present with their decks. All decks must be registered. Participants who have not yet registered their decks will have the opportunity on Monday.

The playoffs will be conducted as a seeded double-elimination tournament. Games will be played in matches and each will be supervised by a certified tournament official.

There will be prizes, CES promos, and a grand prize, the pot, awarded to competitors depending on their progress.

This tournament will commence and end on Monday. Participants should ready their decks and selves in the meantime.
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New member
When are we going to re-establish the tourney that had to be restarted?


Staff member
Good to hear from you, Rich. Haven't seen you on the forums in a while. Regarding the tournament's hiatus, I believe it will end some time this June. There will be a new site news listing when a date is set.


CES Staff
So guys, what date would be good for you to restart the torment?

The eight contestants are Rich, Conor, Alex, Vinny, Ted, Nick, Willy, and Tom.
Conor and Rich need to have their rematch in order for the torment to continue. We'll also need Alex and Willy to be around again. The others may be needed if the rematches cause havoc.


CES Staff
OK, my sources imply that the first duel might be taking place tomorrow.

UPDATE 7/5/08: Conor won against Rich in the first round, so now Rich and Tom must duel.

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