A Return of the Legend of Clubal History

For perhaps the most active period in its history, Cracked Egg Studios was intertwined with an entity known to many as "the club." In fact, it was that club's newsletter that was first to report on studio activity decades ago. The studio drew many actors and crew from club membership, and in turn the club provided screenings and advertising for a number of productions, so much so that it was once criticized as existing "just to sell [the studio's] DVDs." But the club was actually a lot more than that, and it had a rich history from its inception into its "breakdown."

Towards the end of 2005, Cracked Egg Studios agreed to film a documentary about the club. This film covered a period as far back as 13 years prior, a time the documentary and its makers considered "ancient" and "prehistoric." Though it was not the first version, it was released in the format most people know, now 17 years ago on June 10, 2006, as one of the first releases ever on the studio's then-fledgling web site. The documentary was removed when the web site relaunched in 2022 after its COVID hiatus, due to licensing issues.

Today, we finally present to you our remaster of that Free United Club of Kids documentary. This remaster was particularly challenging, because some of the footage had been recorded over and lost permanently only months after the original was filmed, and because other portions of the footage had begun deteriorating.

This remaster features increased resolution from its native 480i and a wider color gamut. Some artifacts remain, such as staircasing along extremely high contrast borders, but the original version's problem of interlace fields being baked into the visuals is completely resolved. The dialogue track has been rebalanced, and the previous score replaced with new music that we tried to make as similar to the original as possible. Licensing issues have been resolved not only in the score, but also in stock photos, some artwork, and certain other historical photos. Some member photos were changed, and some members who previously had no photo have been added. An ending credits sequence has been added, and several people who were uncredited in the original have been credited. Also, a license plate was removed.

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