Tyrannosaurus Rex 2

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Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 was a short produced by Ted Phillips with Our Movie Productions. The short used stop-motion animation and panoramic backgrounds, but also featured Ted's earliest use of scene change. It was recorded on VHS-C format media in November 1992, but was not edited or released to the public until December 28, 2008.


The tyrannosaur figure was part of a prop loan from Richard Falantano and was returned after principal photography. Our Movie Productions dissolved just days after making Tyrannosaurus Rex 2. The director, Ted Phillips, retained the rights to this short. When Cracked Egg Studios announced plans in 2008 to publish their media library online, Ted Phillips agreed to lease the short to them for its inclusion.

Cultural References

  • The man is driving a Disney Sing-A-Long Train.<span class="special_footnote">[vague]</span>
  • The Chock full o' Nuts Coffee can (that was used as a crayon bucket which held the crayons used to draw the backgrounds) makes an appearance.
  • The firehouse is a Ghostbusters firehouse.<span class="special_footnote">[vague]</span>

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