Waffle Iron Report I

With the final arrival of Final Genesis RC1 & RC2 this holiday season, the first release of the Ni-Ki-Oh! 4th Season DVDs will almost immediately follow. This means that The Rare Hunters can be expected within a month after RC2.

However, due to the specific content of the episodes in the Rescue Mission and Last Generation collections and some pressure for last minute script changes, post-production cannot be completed on these for some time. The episodes include content shared with the upcoming Isles of Fortune series.

Isles of Fortune, scheduled to enter pre-production parallel to the release of RC1 & RC2, must have the complete story arc scripted and well into post-production before the Ni-Ki-Oh! 4th season can be completed.

There will be a 5th season of Ni-Ki-Oh!. Season 5 enters pre-production April 2007.
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