The EggMail system has been repaired. Members with Network Partner or higher status can now access their mailboxes again. If your alias is not currently set, do not attempt to set your alias on your own - you will still not be able to send/receive mail correctly until you contact a Staff member.

Cracked Egg Studios is also currently working on adding a forum-based RPG to coincide with the upcoming series Isles of Fortune. More news on this to come.

Ni-Ki-Oh! Final Genesis RC1 will be released in segments on Time constraints and MASTER-EGG freezes have been a hindrance for far too long, and the fans don't need to keep waiting for a new episode. Episode 3-7 will appear first, preceded by a "Previously on Ni-Ki-Oh!" that will cover the important details of Episode 3-6, until its release and the final DVD release, now that equipment finally does, whenever time permits.
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I'm really looking forward to this episode on YouTube, as well as HOJAID/2007 in the Downloads.

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