The Roots of Final Genesis

When the Ni-Ki-Oh! series was slated to be cancelled after 3-5 "Duel for All Souls," Cracked Egg Studios considered beginning a new series taking place several months after Ni-Ki-Oh! that would be called Final Genesis. It was eventually deemed absurd that another series be created when it could just be continued, so they decided Final Genesis would just refer to the Season 3 Finale DVD. Until recently, this is what everyone thought of Final Genesis, even though Beta only included an incomplete 3-6 "Power Surge."

Stemming from the scrapped new series plan, Final Genesis now refers to the entire Tommy story arc. The episodes contained in the next two DVDs function as a prologue to Tommy's involvement in the Octagon City tournament (Season 4).

Not only for this reason, but also for story purposes, what was originally labelled Final Genesis is now only RC1 and RC2. The reference to release candidate suggests a connection to computer software development (e.g. the Virtual World in RC2) or perhaps since Final Genesis refers to the Tommy story arc, RC1 and RC2 might refer to the concept that Tommy, although powerful, still has not permanently attained his ultimate form (which appeared briefly in The Lost Episodes 1-9).
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CES Staff
That still doesn't tell us if it will be ready.


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That's a good question. The YouTube release has been pushed back a week to favor the people who actually bother to get the DVD.


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Well, I can't wait for the November 11 release of the new episodes on Youtube!


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RC1 comes out the day after tomorrow now! I'm so excited!

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