Obituary of Serebii

BRONX, NY - Feline Serebii Phillips, having recently returned to her childhood home from years traveling, died earlier this afternoon at age 18. She was born September 13, 2000 in her parents' home in Bronx, New York. Serebii was an avid hugger and enjoyed donuts and sleeping on windowsills. At a young age, she became known for her eponymous supporting roles in the Ni-Ki-Oh! television franchise and Prince Dittonian musical trilogy. She moved, with her favorite human, grandmother Clare, to Illinois in 2012, and to Minnesota in 2014, where she lived until returning to the Bronx earlier this year.
Serebii was predeceased by her brothers Ditto and Igglybuff; sister Meowth; parents Janya and Mew "Pity Nobleduck"; and numerous step-siblings and cousins. She is survived by her great-grandmother Kathy (late John); grandmother Clare; great-uncles Nick and Ted (Diana); great-uncle Squawker Jalawker; aunt Diddy; and others; all of the Bronx.

She has now truly moved beyond time.
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