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Those of you who have access to the Network Partner forums may already know this, but this past weekend Ni-Ki-Oh! entered production for its fourth season.

A little recap of the Ni-Ki-Oh! saga:
Season 1 was the Regional Championship tournament in which the characters met each other and formed their rivalries.
Season 2 was the qualifying rounds of the Duelist Kingdom tournament.
Season 3 was Pegasus's downfall, as Niki rescues his friends' souls.
Season 3: Final Genesis was Tommy's return and Celebi's plot to stop him.

Now Season 4 picks up with the Octagon City tournament. The first day of shooting took place this past Friday, with new recording equipment, higher quality performances, and overall greater production values. Season 4 is completely scripted in an attempt to eliminate the boring moments in Ni-Ki-Oh!. Shooting will continue for the remainder of the summer on various dates.

Final Genesis will be animated this August for an October/Halloween release, and animation for Season 4 will commense this fall for the Christmas release of the first three DVDs The Rare Hunters, Rescue Mission, and Last Generation.
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This summer's heat wave has really put a damper on Ni-Ki-Oh! production. When shooting had been expected for nearly every day of June-August, the high temperatures have prevented crew's from getting together. With most scenes taking place outdoors, even indoor scenes cannot be shot because of the high indoor temperatures. Hopefully the heat lets up soon, or this will be the third summer in a row with a major lack of production.

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