Nakita Remembers The Good Old Days

In the last episode of The Adventures of Bongo and Nakita that aired in the original series run, Nakita reminisces about her days running an unused car dealership.


About this episode

After the fourth episode, the showrunner Nick Phillips seemed to suffer from writer's block. Thus he falls back on what he at the time considered foolproof comedy: car accidents.

The fifth episode "These Things Happen" begins with a clip show of earlier moments in the season, and later scenes borrow heavily from situations already presented earlier, with some child abuse thrown in. It injects a full scene from another series Bongomon, implying that The Adventures of Bongo and Nakita is set in the same universe. And it concludes with another sample 3D Movie Maker project called "Sprog: The Film Star."

"These Things Happen" suffered from reverting from the narrative style of more recent episodes to the more experimental approach of the early season. That, combined with extended memory sequences that were easily confused with present day sequences, led to a story that was difficult to follow and for audiences to engage with. Nick Phillips started writing a final episode, but the original series run was cancelled before it could be completed.

A notable moment in this episode occurs when it pokes fun at an established filmmaking element: the scene transition. In one scene, the driver of a vehicle becomes aware of a transition in progress, causing them to crash.

For the re-release, some small changes have been made to the episode to improve audio audibility, text legibility, and to correct timing issues. In addition, color saturation in memory sequences has been reduced to make the story easier for audiences to follow. After consultation with Nick Phillips, the "Sprog" sequence has been dramatically cut down to improve pacing and narrative throughline. The original ending credits sequence has been replaced to be consistent with earlier remastered episodes.
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